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Chris Kern's Forgotten Grapes

It’s the most unusual, most uncommon, and most exciting wine club in the entire country, and you can be a part of it. America’s Uncommon Wine Expert Chris Kern wants to introduce you to some of his favorite hard-to-find, lesser-known, and rare wine varietals and give you the opportunity to try fantastic domestic and international versions of these grape side-by-side.

Every February, May, August, and November, you’ll receive six wines showcasing three very
different and very unique Forgotten Grapes – typically one white, one lighter red, and one heavier red. For each varietal, you’ll receive a premium domestic wine from that grape as well as an outstanding international version of the varietal. You will be able to compare the domestic and international version of the same varietal side-by-side to discover the nuances, similarities, and differences that come from the same grape being grown in two different wine regions.
In addition, all Chris Kern's Forgotten Grapes wine club members receive:
  • Extensive tasting notes and detailed histories telling the stories behind each Forgotten Grape varietal, the wineries producing our featured wines, and the specific wines you will be tasting.
  • Exciting food pairing recommendations for every wine in the shipment
  • Deep discounts of 20% to 60% on additional bottle purchases of each shipment's wines.
  • Exclusive online "virtual wine tasting events," where you can drink along with Chris and ask questions to Chris and his special winemaker and celebrity guests (coming in 2016)
  • A FREE quarterly pick-up party where you can interact with fellow club members and taste all six shipment wines before you take them home.
This is your own private wine master class in the privacy of your own home with the very best uncommon and lesser-known varietals in the world. Join us today and become part of the Uncommon Flock.