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DKE Wine Brotherhood


The triumphs and successes of Delta Kappa Epsilon brothers and alumni throughout history are myriad and unparalleled, spread across every industry and trade: government, business, entertainment, sports, and of course, wine.

DKE has assembled some of the leading brothers in the wine industry and asked them to put together a unique wine program exclusively for fellow DKE wine connoisseurs. Today we are proud to announce the launch of the DKE Wine Brotherhood, a limited-membership wine club featuring hand- selected wines from DKE brothers in the industry delivered directly to your door every quarter. Only DKE brothers are eligible to participate in this club, and due to the limited supply of high-profile wines, membership will be extremely limited.

Every quarter for only US$99 per shipment, wine writer and expert Chris Kern, Zeta ’97, will curate and select three small-batch, limited-edition, highly-rated wines and provide tasting notes to guide his fellow DKE brothers on their journey through their tastings.  These are top wines from exclusive and elite boutique wineries around the country, including winery-exclusive selections and rarities you will not find in your local wine shop or supermarket. Some of the wines will be for immediate enjoyment, while others will excel with some extra time in the cellar. Moreover, if you have any questions about the wines, Chris will be available to club members via email, phone, Facebook or Twitter to answer your queries and provide additional information.

Additionally, select shipments each year will include wines produced by fellow DKE brothers in the wine business. These showcase wines will ONLY be available through the DKE Wine Brotherhood, and may feature special club-exclusive DKE inscriptions, labels or stickers to highlight and promote their DKE heritage.

Every quarterly shipment comes with Chris’s detailed tasting notes and histories on the wines and wineries, along with food pairing suggestions. In addition, one month after every shipment arrives, Chris will host an exclusive virtual tasting event online just for DKE brothers, where you can drink along and discuss the wines with Chris and special guests.

We are also planning a very special wine tasting event at next year’s National Convention just for Wine Brotherhood members.

Plus, a percentage of the net proceeds from the DKE Wine Brotherhood goes directly to DKE International, where it will be used to provide scholarships to current brothers and assistance to active and charter chapters

If you love wine and you love DKE, you need to be part of the DKE Wine Brotherhood. You get great wine. You help support DKE. You celebrate the best wines and winemakers DKE has produced.

Sounds like a win-win-wine to us.

Shipments take place every March, June, September and December.

The DKE Wine Brotherhood CANNOT ship wine to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah. However, we CAN ship wine to the following Candian Provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec. Please contact us directly for more information about shipping wines to Canada.